The State of Arizona: Followed by Migrant Rights Panel Discussion

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The racist forces that created SB1070 are back! The film, State of Arizona, examines those forces. Carlos Garcia and Alfredo Gutierrez will discuss the new threats in the legislature.

In 2010, the Arizona Senate passed controversial immigration law SB1070, also known as the “papers please” law, igniting a national maelstrom. Supporters call it a common sense law-enforcement tool; opponents feel it will inevitably lead to racial profiling. Neighborhoods empty, businesses shutter, and immigrants flee the state. Those who choose to stay organize boycotts, mass demonstrations, daring acts of civil disobedience, and prepare families for the possibility of separation by sudden deportation.

Mixing in interviews with footage of heated protest rallies and television coverage, the film tells the stories of Arizonans on all sides of this divisive issue — activists, politicians, Latino immigrants, ranchers, controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the newly empowered Tea Party movement, for whom illegal immigration is a flashpoint subject — depicting a state and its people testing the edges of our democratic values.

Arizona’s enforcement-led policy, which grew out of its unique position as a frontline border state, is reshaping the national conversation around immigration reform. With dozens of states considering a similar approach, The State of Arizona holds up a mirror, asking Americans who they are, and who they want to be.

The Filmmakers

Carlos Sandoval, Producer/Director

Carlos Sandoval is the co-director/producer of the award-winning documentaries A Class Apart (American Experience 2009, Imagen Award), soon to be a major motion picture, and Farmingville (P.O.V. 2004, Sundance Special Jury Prize), which was about a small suburban town in the wake of the hate-based attempted murder of two Mexican day laborers. A lawyer and writer, Sandoval’s work has appeared in anthologies and The New York Times. His experience as a lawyer includes telecommunications and complex litigation. Prior to attending law school, Sandoval worked on immigration and refugee affairs as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations, and as a program officer for The Century Foundation.

Catherine Tambini, Producer/Director

Catherine Tambini is the co-director/producer of the award-winning documentary Farmingville. Ms. Tambini co-produced the Academy Award-nominated documentary Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse, which aired on PBS’s Great Performances/Dance In America. She field produced and shot portions of MTV’s series I’m From Rolling Stone and TLC’s Pageant Perfect. She was the production manager for Connie and Ruthie, Every Room in the House (HBO) and Best Man (Cinemax). Tambini assisted in the production design of many well-known Hollywood films, including The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Steel Magnolias, True Colors, and The Secret of My Success. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Fine Arts degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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Sleep Dealer: Featuring Film Director Alex Rivera

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‘Sleep Dealer’ is a Sundance award-winning sci-fi thriller packed with stunning visuals and strong social and political themes.

Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña) is a young man in near-future Mexico. When his family is victim of a misguided drone attack he finds himself with no option but to head north, towards the U.S./Mexico border. But migrant workers cannot cross this new world border – it’s been sealed off. Instead, Memo ends up in a strange digital factory in Mexico where he connects his body to a robot in America.

Memo’s search for a better future leads him to love, loss, and a confrontation with a mysterious figure from his past.

About Alex Rivera: Alex Rivera is a New York based digital media artist and filmmaker. He was born in 1973 to a native of Peru and a native of New Jersey. Growing up in a bi-cultural channel surfing tract home led him to rethink some assumptions about race, immigration, identity, and the global economy.

Over the past fifteen years he’s been making work that illuminates two massive and parallel realities: the globalization of information through the internet, and the globalization of families, and communities, through mass migration.

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To Sin Against Hope: Live Discussion with Alfredo Gutierrez

Join us for our next series event on Thursday March 10th at 6:30pm. Alfredo Gutierrez will be discussing his book - To Sin Against Hope: How America Has Failed Its Immigrants: A Personal History. Alfredo has seen the borderlands change throughout his life- come and learn about his involvement in the migrant rights movement.

You can purchase books at Changing Hands Book Store.

Alfredo was the founder and editor of the Internet newspaper – La Frontera Times focused on the immigration experience in the United States. Alfredo served as host of Arizona’s most listened to talk radio program in English or Spanish: “Escucha y Ponte Trucha con Alfredo Gutierrez” heard daily on Radio Campesina 88.3 FM in Phoenix. He has been a force in Arizona politics and business for four decades. Alfredo was first elected to the Arizona State Senate in 1972. He was elected Majority Leader by his peers in 1973 and served as his Party’s leader through the remainder of his tenure in 1986. In 1986 he founded Jamieson and Gutierrez Inc., which quickly became the state’s leading public relations and public policy firm with offices in Phoenix and Washington D.C. and clients throughout the United States. He sold the firm to his partners in 2001 and launched an unsuccessful campaign for Governor of the State of Arizona.

Alfredo was the recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship in its inaugural year. He was Arizona Chairman of the first Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign for Arizona, founder of numerous significant community based organizations, Majority and Minority Leader of the Arizona Senate, and recipient of a State Department Fulbright teaching fellowship at Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City. Alfredo is the recipient of a Doctoral Degree, Honoris Causa, from Arizona State University. Alfredo has written articles and political commentary for both the internet and print publications. He has completed his first book, “To Sin Against Hope”. Verso Books is the publisher.

Ask Alfredo

Our guest speaker Alfredo Guttierez has seen the state of Arizona and borderlands change over his lifetime. Alfredo continues to be an advocate for human rights and is a great source of knowledge for up and coming historians, students, and activists. Ask Alfredo questions regarding his life and book “To Sin against Hope”. Type your question below! #askalfredo #tosinagainsthope

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Mujer, El Poder de tu Historia! Una Platica con la Mujer Latina

*Translation in English Below*

Esperanza, Barreras, Discriminacion, y Oportunidad. Cinco mujeres latinas comparten su jornada desde Mexico y America Latino a este país. Los sacrificios y las esperanzas, los logros y que sigue.

Las cinco oradoras en el panel son: Mary Rabago de Telemundo y la 1190 AM, Viridiana Hernández de Central for New Leadership, MariCruz Ramírez de Puente Movement, Dr. Harper-Marinick de MCCCD, Jacinta González de Mijente y María Barquín de Radio Campesina.

Evento Gratis!
Las puertas abren a las 5:30pm y el evento comienza a las 6:30 pm

Women, the Power of Our Stories!

Hope, Barriers, Discrimination, and Opportunity. A Panel Discussion with Latina Leaders.

Join us on Thursday, May 5th 2016 as we host a panel discussion with five women who represent our community and learn more about the struggle for female advancement. Our event will cover a range of issues including: hope, opportunity, barriers, sexism the migrant experience, work and education. The speakers in our panel are: Viridiana Hernandez with Center for Neighborhood Leadership (CNL), MariCruz Ramirez with Puente Movement, Jacinta Gonzalez with Mijente, Maria Barquin with Radio Campesina, and Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick with Maricopa County Community College District. Panel will be facilitated by Mary Rabago. This event will be in Spanish. Interpretation will be provided.

Doors open at 5:30pm and event begins promptly at 6:30pm